We will try and offer scary good prices but ultimately we will offer scary good service. Stick with us and watch us grow. Thank you for checking us out and happy shopping.
“I look forward to providing you with the best (and spookiest) service and prices””
Quinn Martin


Your QUINNtessential source for toys, collectibles, action figures and more! Spooky Barn Toys is run by collectors and is for collectors. 

Hi people, we are Spooky Barn Toys!  My name is Quinn and I started this business to bring together fellow collectors and toy enthusiasts.  I have always loved toys, since childhood and now with my passion for action figures continuing to grow.

It started back in 85 with Masters of the Universe and moving on to Transformers and beyond.  I managed to keep a lot of my childhood figures until I hit my mid teens and of course I lost track of everything including my figures which were sold or given away.  I got back in to collecting in 2001 with Toybiz Lord of the Rings and that re-ignited my fire to collect and keep.  I have a large collection of various lines of toys and am constantly learning about other awesome toys that people have a passion to collect as well.

I have always loved the theme of Halloween and horror as well and truth be told, I wanted to be a pumpkin farmer so hence the theme of this business, but we are not just about Halloween, we are about friendly, family run business that will treat you the customer with the same respect as you deserve.

Our goal is pretty simple here, we want to provide excellent services to every customer and offer competitive prices that keep you coming back for more.  We will continue to evolve and meet the demand of what people are looking for in the adult collecting world.  Action figures are our demographic but that won’t stop us from just selling but we are open to feedback on items that you would like to see us stock.